First place goes to BRITTNEY ANDERSON for her ideal hotel description. However, the other answers were wonderful and imaginative, so those commenters will receive consolation prizes.

Brittney’s description: My hotel would be animal-themed. Each room would have a massive African Cichlid species aquarium decorated like the species’ native Rift Lake. The color of each said species would, of course, match the decor of the room. Also present would be several species of African parrots who would welcome guests to the hotel in each guest’s native language, comment on how lovely he or she looks, and cleverly entice him or her into sharing food.

Oh wait… I think I just described my house….


Prize for this week

“Black Americans of Achievement” game–NEW.
Comment on “Where was the Princess?” either by describing an ideal hotel in Africa or by telling why you need this game. I am basing this on Design Mom’s pattern. Winner to be announced on Friday, Aug. 31st. COMMENT! You don’t have to get the right answer. Just leave a good comment.

Where was the Princess?

When King George VI died in 1952, making Princess Elizabeth the new British monarch, she was with her husband in a place where a revolution was beginning.  Which country and which revolution?

In comments, please describe the ideal hotel you’d make on the African continent.  Answer to the poll will be given next week.


In The Heart of Africa film, we will depict the payment of the dowry or “dot,” which is a government requirement for a marriage to be legal in Cameroon.  Of course, Shakespeare used dowries in several of his plays.  Feel free to comment about which plays and how he used them.
In first world countries, we don’t have dowries per se, but we do have expectations.  Which of the following do you think is essential for a wedding?  Please comment.  You might really want to comment, because this time, I’m giving a prize for the best comment.  I have DVDs, books, games, and even hand soap as possible prizes.  So comment well!  Choose as many of these “expected” things as you want–as long as you have good reasons for them.

Spiders and monkeys and fleas–oh my!

This is the rhyme I learned in Xocampeche, Mexico when I was eight, and a Coral snake undulated its bright body–red, yellow, and black–onto our playground:

Red and black, friend of Jack.

Red and yellow–kill a fellow.

A gringo missionary (Presbyterian) taught it to my brother and me after he whacked off the snake’s head.  (Btw, never trust a snake’s head.  My niece picked up a decapitated Rattler’s head–and the mouth still worked.  It bit her.  She still has a big scar.)

Of course, missionaries on the African continent experience a few cultural shocks.   Which do you think would be most entertaining?  (Yes, you can affect the film.)


Just for Fun

You may wonder if we chose to name our Anglo missionary Elder Price because of the Book of Mormon musical. Why yes, of course we did.  It also happens to be his real name, though in the film he is Elder Jason Price, not Brandon.  And as I have written him, he is a composite character.  For one character (to be revealed later), I really did use his own delightful quirks and even his emails to create him.  All others are composites.

In the film, when Jason Price receives his mission call to the DR-Congo mission, his mother starts crying, “People die there!”  What did Brandon Price’s mother actually say?


A) People die there.

B) I’m going with you.

C)  Are you kidding?

D) Send it back. This is not inspiration.