Spiders and monkeys and fleas–oh my!

This is the rhyme I learned in Xocampeche, Mexico when I was eight, and a Coral snake undulated its bright body–red, yellow, and black–onto our playground:

Red and black, friend of Jack.

Red and yellow–kill a fellow.

A gringo missionary (Presbyterian) taught it to my brother and me after he whacked off the snake’s head.  (Btw, never trust a snake’s head.  My niece picked up a decapitated Rattler’s head–and the mouth still worked.  It bit her.  She still has a big scar.)

Of course, missionaries on the African continent experience a few cultural shocks.   Which do you think would be most entertaining?  (Yes, you can affect the film.)


One thought on “Spiders and monkeys and fleas–oh my!

  1. I feel like the other things are things that you deal with in many other missions as well. But suddenly realizing that even though you’ve learned the language, what they actually speak is nothing even close to what you’ve learned, to me that would be the greatest challenge.

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