Where was the Princess?

When King George VI died in 1952, making Princess Elizabeth the new British monarch, she was with her husband in a place where a revolution was beginning.  Which country and which revolution?

In comments, please describe the ideal hotel you’d make on the African continent.  Answer to the poll will be given next week.


8 thoughts on “Where was the Princess?

  1. A place right on the ocean with an attached dock that leads to rentable boats. Very open and airy to help integrate the feeling of the jungle even as you sleep comfortably in your bed.

  2. My hotel would be animal-themed. Each room would have a massive African Cichlid species aquarium decorated like the species’ native Rift Lake. The color of each said species would, of course, match the decor of the room. Also present would be several species of African parrots who would welcome guests to the hotel in each guest’s native language, comment on how lovely he or she looks, and cleverly entice him or her into sharing food.

    Oh wait… I think I just described my house….

  3. I would love to go to a small hostel in a rural village where I could eat meals prepared by the people and then spend my time with the kids in the village. I only ask a small private room with no electricity and a location close to a lot of people, preferably near where I could see some wildlife. The people and the culture are what are most important here.

  4. Hmm… My ideal hotel would be a bed & breakfast. But instead of a little cute old Amish lady (as, for some reason, I only associate B&B’s with Amish people…. go figure…), my Bed & Breakfast hostess/mistress would be a native tribal woman. Instead of muffins and eggs, perhaps she would feed us local foods. Instead of a charming cottage, a rustic tribal hut of some sort would house me. We would sit around telling stories and talking with the locals nearby. There would be a warm fire every night where I would be welcome to join in on local ceremonies. The decor would have local artifacts and masks and black and white pictures of the serengetti (sp?).

    Overall, the hotel would help to immerse myself in the local culture.

  5. My ideal hotel would either be one that involved a huge underwater theme, complete with water beds. Or the ice palace in Ottawa. Not because I love the cold, but because I find it fascinating that living spaces can be fashioned out of something that is usually uncomfortable. Bonus points if it happens to be located in a Frenchy-French cultural setting.

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