First place goes to BRITTNEY ANDERSON for her ideal hotel description. However, the other answers were wonderful and imaginative, so those commenters will receive consolation prizes.

Brittney’s description: My hotel would be animal-themed. Each room would have a massive African Cichlid species aquarium decorated like the species’ native Rift Lake. The color of each said species would, of course, match the decor of the room. Also present would be several species of African parrots who would welcome guests to the hotel in each guest’s native language, comment on how lovely he or she looks, and cleverly entice him or her into sharing food.

Oh wait… I think I just described my house….


2 thoughts on “PRIZE WINNER!

  1. Wanted to post on BCC about publicity, but comments were closed (understandable). I might be really shallow, but my first response was: You and Design Mom in the same room (let alone family)? Pure awesome-ness. Good luck with publicity and the movie!

  2. Yes. Ben and Gabby got married while my parents were in the Baltic States. Dad was the mission pres. So all of us Blairs and Stanleys put on the reception. It was in a park, with the coolest kinds of breads you can imagine. We all (the women, anyway) wore flower garlands, which we had made the day before.
    We love Gabby and miss all of the family so much. They’re in France for another year, though I’m sure Ben will come home if my dad dies. All of them were here for our Blair reunion in July. It was wonderful. My youngest son looks so much like Ben and has the same quirky sense of humor. Hope he marries someone as awesome as Gabby!

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