The Name of God


7 thoughts on “The Name of God

  1. Well. I’m attempting really hard not to be blasphemous here, but “Zombie” as the name of God is just plain really cool. Taking out the social conventions of what Zombie is (undead, ugly, plague, that sort of thing) the coming back to life after death is something that happens in a lot of religions/mythology all the time. So Zombie seems appropriate. It’s not as pretty and elegant as the other answers, but it’s definitely more hilarious.

  2. Kituba, for several reasons. In Congo, there are two basic forms of their dialect, Kicongo, and Kituba. Kituba, historically, was always more prevalent amongst the believers. Even to this day it’s regarded as the more ‘Holy Tongue’. This comes from the origin of ‘tuba’ itself. Tuba is synonymous with God, though the connection as to the origin of the word was never made till settlers first came to Congo. The Tuba, though always at the back of a band, is the largest instrument. It forms the baseline, the rhythm that the rest of the band follows. Its’ presence is hidden behind everyone, but is so strong the rest of the band follows. Often at band practices, if a conductor is not present, the Tuba will take the lead. If you are not following the Tuba, you are in discord with the rest of the band. Congolese have taken this, and applied it to their religion. God is behind us all, hidden. He guides us and shows us the way through our life, but if we choose not to follow his rhythm, we quickly fall into discord with those around us. Hence, Kituba, of God. Congo, to them, represents the earth. Kicongo, the Earth, or by application to those who speak it, those who are of the world.


  3. Hmm…. I *thought* it was Kituba until I saw only 3 people vote for it. Usually the majority is always right in polls such as these.

    But at the moment, I thought it was Kituba because it sounds so familiar to me, like I heard it before. And God is supposed to be familiar to all of us, isn’t He?

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